IMPORTANT:  If you already paid, and you
need to activate (or wish to RE-activate) the
ordered software, please CLICK HERE.

If you have a demo code and seek to get
the permanent code, please CLICK HERE.

If you had a license to my program
but that computer died, please don't
send money... please CLICK HERE.

If you are NOT trying to activate
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Before we go any further, please allow me to
answer the most commonly asked Presale Questions.
Then if your question is different please ask it below.

1.  If I buy this system, what do I do if my computer dies?
Although (for legal reasons) I only promise one activation
per purchased license, my desire goes  much further. 
Without promising anything (since pirates have lawyers
I have never denied a valid reactivation request.
In fact, I encourage licensees to set up a spare (in case
of lightning or whatever) and request a code for it.

2.  If you disappear from the face of the earth, how would I
get new license codes to replace dead computers?
Again, (for legal reasons) I only promise one activation
per purchased license, yet my desire goes  much further. 
This is a family business, a legacy.  Yet if I and my whole
family suddenly vanish off the face of the earth at once,
anyone left behind has bigger problems than bells.
(Don't take the mark!)

3.  Can I use something other than your ChurchBells program
to play your bells music as my bell tower system?
No.  Not for any price.  Absolutely not.

4.  I am ready to order.  Can you call me, or can I call you
so I can give you my credit card information to order?
Sorry, I don't take phone orders, mail orders or checks.  Not even
cashier's checks.  I only take PayPal or NorthStar orders via web.

5.  I don't have internet on the target machine.  Will it still be
possible for me to pay on the internet and to download,
install and license the program? (And configure it?)
Absolutely!  You can order on your internet machine.  You can
download the install file from my web site, burn that file to CD
and run it on the target machine.  Then you can write down the
demo code produced by my software on the target machine, and
use that to get the full code over the net.  Then type in that
full code on the target machine via the registration menu.
(As for scheduling bells, you can do that on another machine
and import the schedule file via USB memory stick.)

6.  Please send me a price list/brochure/catalog for your stuff.
It's all on the net.  Please check it out. After you have read all I
put up there about it, if you feel I have left out something
important then please ask me some specific questions.

7.  I assume that when I register I will get more media materials.
Please do not assume.  Additional media is offered separately at very
reasonable prices.  Please see program web site for more details.
(for example:  )

8.  Can you recommend hardware to make use of your software?
(Such as a computer for HGO or Amp/Speakers for ChurchBells)
For Bell Tower, an amp of 100 watts RMS per channel or better (you
should talk to a sound contractor).  For computers, see answer below.
(For remote speaker relay, seek in your church an Engineer to ask).

9.  Can you advise me or help me with my computer problem
or with computer setup or installation of your software?
Every church has an often under-appreciated resource: the computer kid.
Go to your youth leader in your church.  Ask permission to speak briefly
to the youth group.  Tell them that you have a computer project needing
the advice of the most elite computer guru they have in there.  The kids
will direct you to one person.  This person may have odd color hair, perhaps
even a piercing or two, and he will really know what he is talking about.
When you meet this person, ask what kind of graphics card he or she has.
If you start getting excited chatter you don't understand, you have come
to the right person.  Explain that you don't understand a word they are
talking about and that you need their help.  You'll be glad you did.

10.  I just got a great community response from the bells demo...
Public use is only allowed for fully licensed Organization license!
So PLEASE don't tell me that!  Just get the full license and be happy.

11.  I am having trouble making schedules on bells demo.  Will the
full code allow me to make and keep new schedules? 
And will we be able to add and schedule our own music?
Yes (to both). The organization license allows you to retain your own new
custom schedules.  Until it is licensed it will forget them upon restart.

12.  Does your software have (xxxx) feature?
The benefit of ShareWare is the chance to try it out before you buy it.
Even if at the demo license level not all features work, you should still
be able to learn about such features in the help.  Please try out
 the program, and read all the helps and/or user manuals!
(Also see FAQs on our site, and any on line helps such as

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